Bird's eye view of Dannar Base

The Earth Bases, colloquially known simply as the Bases, were a collective military defense force formed to protect the Earth and humanity from the Mimetic Beasts. All bases work in collusion with each other, while at the same time, have independent jurisdiction over their respective regions, although they are all permitted to operate in any theatre of combat. Each Base maintains their own army of fighting robots with which to engage the Mimetic Beasts, normally the unmanned Boy series, but each base also has at least one pair of specialist robot pilots who commandeer the more powerful mecha kept in their respective bases. Throughout the series, Only the Dannar Base and Cosmo Base are shown in detail.

Dannar Base (Japan)Edit

Known StaffEdit
  • Goh Saruwatari - Robot Pilot
  • Anna Aoi - Robot Pilot
  • Shizuru Fujimura - Robot Pilot (later Base Commander of Dannar Base)
  • Tetsuya Kouji - Robot Pilot (later Shizuru's co-commander)
  • Mira Ackerman - Robot Pilot
  • Shinobu Saruwatari - Housekeeper (later Robot Pilot)
  • Kiriko Aoi - Chief of Staff (later retired)
  • Tatsuya Aoi - Chief of Staff
  • Kagemaru - Commander, Kiriko's second-in-command (later bodyguard)
  • Momoko "Momochie" Momozono - Mission Analyst (later Robot Pilot)
  • Konami Sasagure - Mission Analyst (later Robot Pilot)
  • "Pops" Shibakusa - Mechanic, Head of Maintenance Crew (later retired)
  • Tonko Hiiragi - Mechanic (later retired)
  • Nanae Hayashi - Mechanic
  • Yanagisawa - Mechanic
  • Morimoto - Mechanic
  • Sugiyama - Mechanic (later Head mechanic after Shibakusa retires)
  • Sakura - Mechanic
  • Kei - Mission Analyst
  • Hina - Mission Analyst
  • Narahara - Mechanic
  • Yamada - Mechanic
  • Guccie - Mechanic
  • Godannar
    • Dannar
      • Neo-Okusaer
      • Go-Okusaer
  • G Gunner
  • Core Gunner
  • G-Zero Gunner
  • Club Mariner
  • Neo Diver
  • Operatiger
  • Lab Defender

Silicon Base (USA)Edit

Known StaffEdit
  • Shadow Dunaway - Robot Pilot
  • Luna - Robot Pilot
  • Genesister
    • Geneshadow
    • Lunasister

Vega Base (Russia)Edit

Known StaffEdit
  • Ekaterina - Robot Pilot
  • Kukrachyov - Robot Pilot
  • Volspinner
    • Volspina
    • Slave Wing
  • Slave Boy (a unique Jet Boy)

Dino Base (China)Edit

Known StaffEdit
  • Moukaku - Robot Pilot
  • Shukuyu - Robot Pilot
  • Goddiner
    • God Horn
    • God Sonic

Union Base (United Kingdom)Edit

Known StaffEdit
  • Knight Valentine - Robot Pilot
  • Ellis Valentine - Robot Pilot
  • Dragliner
    • Drag Fighter

Cosmo Base (Outer Space)Edit

Known StaffEdit
  • Lowe Roux - Commander, Chief of Staff, Robot Pilot
  • Lou Roux - Mission Analyst, Robot Pilot
  • Hal - secondary Chief of Staff (presumably)
  • Laura - Mission Analyst
  • Sayaka - Mission Analyst
  • Isamu - Mission Analyst
  • Shigeta - Mission Analyst
  • Yang - Mission Analyst
  • Tommy - Mission Analyst
  • Cosmo Diver
    • Cosmo Diver (Parent Unit)
    • Cosmo Diver (Child Unit)

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