Kiriko Aoi
Kiriko Aoi
Age 42
49 (episode 26)
Nationality Japanese
Relationships Anna Aoi (Daughter)
Tatsuya Aoi (husband)
Goh Saruwatari (Son-in-Law)
Shinobu Saruwatari (son-in-law)
Affiliations Dannar Base
English VA Laura Chapman
Japanese Seiyuu Tanako Honda

Kiriko AoiEdit

She is the boss & chief head scientist of the Dannar Base as well as the mother of Anna Aoi and the mother-in-law to both Goh Saruwatari and Shinobu Saruwatari.


Kiriko Aoi is a fairly tall woman with very large breasts. She has reddish hair that goes down past her shoulderblades and is usually kept in a hairband. Her eyes are greenish-amber in color and wears triangular glasses. She typically wears a white dress type labcoat with buttons that can (thankfully) be easily popped free due to her enormous breasts, a purple dress/skirt underneath, pantyhose to cover her legs, and blue earrings. She is mostly seen either with a lit cigarette in her mouth or about to light one.


  • Her measurements are:
    • Bust: 94cm* - Waist: 59cm* - Hips: 87cm* - Height: 174cm* - Weight: ??? - Age: 42
  • Kiriko Aoi usually uses her cleavage as an extra pocket for things like her cellphone, zippo lighter and her menthol cigarettes of which she is clearly addicted to them.
  • Despite her serious and harsh attitude at times, she has shown that she can be fun to be around, as well as be a loving mother and friend. 
  • At times she can use her breasts to pop the buttons on her coat like bullets or she will clearly put her arms around your neck and hold you against her breasts while smiling.

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